Why People Choose to Fly

The answers can be as diverse as the people themselves

If you ask many professional pilots why they fly, they often tell you that it is better than working for a living. While flying in itself is work, many pilots consider the environment in which they work to be a positive challenge and a rewarding experience. Their “office” has a window and is usually somewhere between 4,000 to 41,000 feet above the ground. They provide a valuable service to their communities by delivering people and cargo from faraway places. They travel and see the world. In short, they do things most people will never do their entire lives. Professional pilots are among a select few that are trusted to safely take family members and friends on vacations, re-unite long lost relatives, and get business people to important meetings. As a member of a flight crew, your decisions impact hundreds of lives and your leadership earns respect among members of the aviation community and most of the world.

The Private Flier

Many people just want to fly for fun on their own. They would rather avoid large airports and enjoy the freedom of having an airplane. Want to go to the Bahamas for the weekend? Just load up a plane with your friends and go! Need to get somewhere quick for a business meeting? Take the plane and avoid highway traffic.

Flying for Business

If you are a business person who travels a lot, having a pilot license has its advantages. As a pilot, you can get to many airports where the airlines don’t go, allowing you access to countless cities with small airfields. You can also take advantage of tax deductions when you fly on your own for business.

You get a Pilot License and So Much More

It does not matter whether you want to fly professionally, for business, or for fun. When you get your pilot’s license, you gain more than just a certificate: You get valuable communication and planning skills that build your confidence. You get the ability to make accurate decisions in a fast paced environment where things can change rapidly. You get a chance to interact with nature as you float through the clouds, adjusting your path for wind and weather.

While most people have driver’s licenses, very few will ever attain a pilot’s license. The training and preparation for the license will challenge you planning skills. The actual flying itself will test your ability to focus and keep track of multiple tasks at once. And once you have completed all of your training, you will be a part of a select group of people on this planet: Aviators

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