Commercial Pilot


“Receiving a compensation for doing something you enjoy is like receiving a gift every day that fly”

Upon completing the aeronautical requirements and obtaining the Commercial Pilot Certificate, the graduate pilots can be hired and begin to be compensated for their services as pilots and begin to receive the return of their investment.

They can become flight instructors, fly for private corporations, charter companies, freight carriers, etc.

They can also add to their certificate a multi engine rating, according to the expectations of each pilot.We recommend obtaining the two ratings to have more opportunities in their aviation career.

Regardless of the option chosen, ADF Airways will provide you with the knowledge and skills to complete your Commercial Pilot flight training. By obtaining this certificate, the graduate pilot will be ready to join the world of professional pilots.

Minimum requirements:

  • Hold a Private Pilot Certificate
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have at least a second-class medical certificate
  • Have 250 hours of flight experience.
  • Have 10 hours of flight on a complex airplane
  • Meet the minimum requirements of pilot time in command (PIC)
  • Meet the minimum cruise flight time requirements
  • Pass the written FAA exam
  • Pass practical oral and flight exams.
  • ** For training in a multi-engine aircraft, international students require an M-1 student visa and TSA.

The Training Program

Our training is based on a structured study plan whose effectiveness has been proven for years and periodically subjected to improvements in search of excellence. Ground and flight lessons have been developed to obtain the highest level of understanding performance and procedures. Our classes are personalized, which guarantees that students will advance according to their cognitive abilities, enhancing their skills.

Estimated training time:

250 Hours of Total Time
10 Hours in Complex Airplane
50 pilot hours of Cross Country in command
10 hours of ground school

Stages of Commercial Pilot Licence

Stage 1 - Acquire Flight Experience

During this stage, the pilot will complete the aeronautical experience required to obtain the Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Generally, you will make flights through Florida to obtain the required time. ADF Airways will guide you regarding the flight time you need to comply with the requirements.

Our personalized training is oriented so that the future pilot meets all the requirements of the FAA, completing 250 hours in total, which include private and instrument training. We also include 50 hours of simulator training, which reduces flight training expenses.

Stage 2 - Single Engine Maneuvers and Complex Operations -

Once the pilot has accumulated the required flight time and passed the written exam, he will be ready to be trained for commercial maneuvers.

In addition to 10 hours of training in advanced aircraft maneuvers, you will also complete the experience required to apply for a Commercial Pilot certificate.

Ground training will cover crew resource management, aeronautical decision making, weather, airline / operator, federal regulations, aircraft and passenger considerations, and PIC responsibility.

Stage 3 - Time of Multi-Engine

Multi-engine aircraft allows commercial operations to travel farther, faster and at higher altitudes while carrying the highest possible load per flight. ADF will prepare you to skillfully manage these aircraft with training on our Piper Seneca III. The Seneca is considered one of the best aircraft for training with thanks to its stability and weight structure.

After completing stage 3, you will be recommended for the FAA practical and flight oral exam. Upon passing the exam, you will be granted a Commercial, Single and Multi-engine Pilot Certificate, and you will be free to pursue your career as an airline Pilot or perform in a corporate.

All training is geared towards meeting or exceeding the FAA Practical Test Standard (PTS). To see the actual Commercial Pilot PTS and what’s required, click here.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Once you’ve completed the pilot qualifications to be a commercial pilot, you have the education and training to fly for hire. In addition to the Commercial Pilot License, many owner/operators require a certain amount of flight experience—especially if you’re aspiring for your Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

One of the best ways to build flight experience is to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). As a certified flight instructor, you’ll gain valuable practice while teaching students to fly. Instructors are also allowed to log the flight training they give as flight experience. This helps a pilot market themselves to a regional, cargo, or character company while adding to their total flight time. Besides, the best flight schools know the time trusted axiom that the best way to learn something is to teach it themselves.

When it comes to earning experience, becoming a certified flight instructor is a desirable next step.

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